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This is a site devoted to helping people find Canard Airplanes, whether plans, good projects or finished, flying airplanes.   There are about 5000 of these planes around the world, most in the United States.  Being the work of loving individuals they are each a piece of art - some great art, some good art, most structurally sound and a few worth avoiding. 

Most buyers want to travel around and experience the planes themselves. In fact, with a little work you can easily find about 5 canards of about any type and you might in time find a good one in that bunch just that way.  However there are, at any one time, literally dozens of planes coming on line, and the very best ones go very quickly while the inexperienced buyer spends a lot of time and money going out to look those few that are available only to learn that there were better planes available, or the find out that they really need a different canard to accomplish the mission. 

It is very much more efficient for us to find you the better planes along with a good inspector who can confirm their attributes and then yourself going so see the very best ones for your mission.  In doing so we should get you to the best planesfirst, or possibly steer you away from one with a concern that will later sour your purchase; or talk you out of getting a Canard you really won't like with the mission you have in mind. 

Many sellers come to us first to explore the decision to sell - so we often have a jump on the best planes out there.  If you already know about a plane, we don't charge you anything to put it up against the list and see if it the best option for you.

We don't charge to give you information about any of the types of canards, their costs, the inspectors available, the instructors available or any number of other details about these wonderful airplanes.

No matter how wonderfully Canards fly, we are not shy about telling you if the plane is wrong for your mission.  For a small finder's fee, we help you pick which canard might be best for you.


Call (949) 939-1479(Cell on California Time Zone)

The Original "Canard Finder": David Orr ("Beagle")

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